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  3. Suaviterinmodo

    Dreams involving Heather

    I do remember you posting a dream about that, Calvin.
  4. LiveWire

    Dreams involving Heather

    Not sure if I posted it, but awhile back I had a dream where I found lost footage of her and looked forward to posting it for everyone here.
  5. Suaviterinmodo

    Dreams involving Heather

    I have dreams where I see pics of Heather no one has ever seen, too. And videos of her from home just being herself. I always wanted to know what her laugh sounded like. Not just a soft giggle, but the "Wow, that was hilarious" and the "I'm having so much fun!" laugh. Every one is unique, I believe. I like having dreams like yours, Drew. They give me hope. I hope your dream gave you hope, too.
  6. I seem to recall having a thread like this before, but I can't seem to find it anymore. Feel free to marge them if you locate it. Anyway, I had another one just now. ---- So, in the dream, my wife and I move into this very large old house. The first floor had everything we needed, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. As we're moving in, I get the idea to explore the upstairs. We go up there and there's another set of bedroom. Like way too many. The doors all had personalized nameplates on them. Not like little rectangle of plastic, but homemade ones. I find on at the end of the hall labelled Lola and Lana. I figure, okay, the Louds must have lived here. So, my and a two of my kids go in and start poking around. In the dream they must've left in a hurry because they'd left everything behind. It was a total mess. I picked up this semi-crushed toy phone, and some guy starts talking to me through it. I start thinking, "okay, we moved into a haunted house" and started messing with the voice. It starts getting p---ed off. Then I notice there's a double yellow wire running through the phone and into the wall. I start apologizing, and he tells me where I can find a secret. So, I hang up and we go looking. At the other end of the house, upstairs, is a large circular room, with some dusty old bookcases in it. We start going through them, and down in the corner, on the floor-level shelf was an envelope and a laminated piece of paper that looked official. The enveloped contained unpublished images of Heather on school picture day. Never found out what the paper was all about cause I woke up.
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