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The Official Heather O'Rourke Memorial Forum


All Frequently Asked Questions

    A:There are currently no other official Heather O'Rourke websites or fansites and there are no official pages or groups on Facebook. This is the only one.

    A: It has been confirmed by Heather's family that the picture of Heather in the casket is real.

    A: Heather was of Irish and Danish descent.

    Her great grandmother and great grandfather were danish on her mothers side.

    A:Heather was of Christian faith and was baptised as a baby, but did not practice it at home.

    A:Yes she did finish the film but she never got to see the final movie. 

    A:She has an older sister named Tammy who was a dancer in the movies Pennies From Heaven and Annie. Heather also had a twin brother who was miscarried and were never born.

    A:She had just turned twelve the previous december of 1987 and she passed away only about a month later on february 1st, 1988.


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